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【内容】『現在動作します』 Google Chrome12 及び Mozilla FireFox5 以降で動作します。
This model is transformed as JSON-type model data from MikuMikuDance Polygon Model Data format in the BitMapFile.
 【image】http://www.neo-tech-lab.com/Web3D/Web3D_Chibimiku.bmp.js 【audio】http://phosmega.net/Web3D/TheSecretGarden.mp3.js
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Original Data [Web3D/PMD]

Sliced Data for Texture

      Sliced Data

【How to use】

  ●Page Up/Page Down Key ⇒ zoom/pan
  ●cursor key(←→↑↓) ⇒ rotation

【model design】This original Data was created by Mr. AniMasa.
 kiyo P had editted this model to change it as the mini-model.
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